Credit Protection

How To Respond To ‘Can You Hear Me?’

Woman using smart phone and holding coffee“Can you hear me now?” is the once-popular tagline of Verizon commercials, but it’s also the headline of a new scam. Scammers making robocalls will ask some innocuous question. Once the targeted person says “yes,” a recording is made of the response and it is used to sign up the target for unwanted, expensive services. It’s a scheme that’s been targeted at businesses before, but it has now shifted targeting to individual consumers across the country.

Shopping Online? Take Steps to Protect Yourself

Shopping Cart Coming Out of ComputerShopping online is a pleasure. No traffic, no crowds, no searching for a parking spot, but you still need to protect yourself. While shopping on legitimate, well-known sites belonging to your favorite department store or specialty shop is probably not going to be a problem, lesser-known sites that come up when you’re looking for a bargain and Googling something specific could be places for concern. The same can be said for auction sites such as eBay and uBid.

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