Fee Schedule

Effective as of May 1, 2017

Description Fee
Personal Check/ACH Origination/Unauthorized or Revoked E-Pay/Return Deposit Item NSF Fee $28.00 per item
Overdraft Privilege/Courtesy Pay/Negative Balance Fee (fee waived for check card overdrafts of $5.00 or less) $25.00 per item
Check Printing Orders Prices vary
Money Market Excessive Transactions $10.00 per transaction
Money Market Minimum Balance Fee $5.00 per month (if balance is less than $500)
Copy/Fax Copy of Check $2.00 per copy
Stop Payment or Postdated Item $25.00 per item
Returned Deposit Item Fee (two-party checks) $5.00 per item
Copy of Statement/Printout of Account $2.00 per statement or copy
Check Card Receipt Copy $10.00 per receipt
Money Order $2.00 each*
MasterCard® Gift Card ($10.00 - $1,000.00) $4.00 each
Credit Union Teller Check (any amount) $3.00 per check*
Credit Union Teller Check (non-member) $6.00 per check
Wire Transfer (outgoing only) $20.00 per item
MasterCard® Travel Card $11.00 per card OR $6.00 per card for Emeritus Club
Collection Item (out of state or foreign) $25.00 per item
Account Research / Reconciliation (one hour minimum) $20.00 per hour
Withdrawal from Savings (over six allowed per month) $2.00 per withdrawal
Merchant / NSF Collection Fee $20.00 per item
Member-Requested Express Delivery Prices Vary - call for details
Cash Withdrawal from Foreign-Owned ATM $1.50 per withdrawal
Balance Inquiry from Foreign-Owned ATM $1.50 per inquiry
Account closed within 90 days of opening $15.00
Inactive Account Fee $5.00 per month after 12 months
Levy / Garnishment Processing Fee $25.00
Non-Member Coin Counting 5% of the total
Returned Mail (invalid address) $5.00 per month
UNITED SA Loan Payment via Credit Card or Web Payments Center $5.00 per payment
Signature Guarantee $5.00
Non-Member Notary Fee $5.00 per document
E-Pay (one-time or recurring) loan payment to another institution from a UNITED SA account $10.00
Loan Late Fee $20.00 or 20% of interest due, whichever is greater
Coin Orders $2.00 per $100.00
Temporary Checks (set of six) $1.00 per set
Do Over Checking Fee $10.00 per month
Ultimate Checking Fee without Automatic Deposit of $500 or more $5.00 per month
Ultimate Checking Fee without E-Statement $5.00 per month
Christmas Club Account Withdrawal (one free per year, then) $10.00 per withdrawal
Vacation Club Account Withdrawal (two free per year, then) $10.00 per withdrawal

* Free for Emeritus Club members.

Safe Deposit Box Fees** (All Boxes are Approximately 21" Deep)

Size Fee
3 x 5 $20.00 per year
3 x 10 $30.00 per year
5 x 10 $50.00 per year
10 x 10 $75.00 per year
Key Deposit $10.00
Drill Fee $120.00

NCUA does not insure safe deposit box contents.
** Reduce annual fee by $5.00 with a UNITED SA Checking Account.

When the credit union is charged a fee by another institution for handling a transaction not listed above, that fee will be passed on to the member.