Business MasterCard® Check Card

In order to protect the credit union and members from check card fraud, we periodically must block certain geographic areas or merchants that are experiencing high instances of fraud.

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It's a checkbook and an ATM card all wrapped into one!

The fastest, most convenient way to write checks today is with your UNITED SA Business MasterCard® Check Card. It looks like a credit card, works like a check and acts like an ATM card too. What could be more convenient?

Business MasterCard Check Card benefits include:

  • Accepted at millions of locations worldwide including places where checks are not accepted.
  • Your transaction amount is conveniently deducted from your available UNITED SA Business Checking Account balance.
  • No finance charges or monthly payments.
  • Never carry cash or a checkbook again!
  • Avoiding the hassles of showing your I.D. or writing a check. Just swipe your card and sign your receipt.
  • It's safe and easy to use.

Lost/Stolen Check Card?

If so, notify UNITED SA at once or the available balance in your account could be in jeopardy! The quickest way to notify us is by telephone. Call:
Monday - Friday during published business hours at (210) 561-4500 or (800) 531-8456
After hours, please call (800) 528-2273 in the U.S. or (812) 647-9794 outside the U.S.

Important Notice

To protect you against check card fraud, the purchase limit for the Business MasterCard Check Card is $3,000 daily. To further protect you, we have implemented Check Card Fraud Alerts. For your convenience, here are our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the program.

If you are traveling to a foreign country and want to use your MasterCard Check Card, please contact us and we can ensure that your card will be accessible while traveling. In order to safeguard the funds in your credit union account, we strongly suggest that you use traveler's checks, a MasterCard® Travel Card or a credit card, such as the UNITED SA Platinum MasterCard® to make purchases when traveling abroad.