Pay for Delete Scams

Businessman with Fingers CrossedYou may already be checking your credit report regularly and you might have developed the habit of challenging or reporting any suspicious activity. But what do you do with a stubborn charge that won’t go away? You know you shouldn’t have to pay it, but for whatever reason, you can’t get it off your report.

When I Was Your Age

Picture of LegosKids are incredibly expensive. That’s probably because they’re worth it.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Football on top of MoneyEvery Sunday, Americans gather to watch football. Wherever you are, whatever else you do, the one thing we all (it seems) have in common is this Sunday ritual. When Dr. King called Sunday the most segregated day in America, he couldn’t have imagined the unifying force football would become, dominating popular culture and conversation in a way few other forces could. In fact, of the 50 most popular programs last year, 90 percent of them were professional football games.

Buying a Used Car, Part Two: Loans and Negotiation

Car LotIf you missed part one of our guide to buying a used car, take a moment to check it out. We covered choosing the right car, understanding the value of the vehicle and many aspects of the process up to the point where you sit down with the person from whom you’ll make a purchase.

Buying A Used Car, Part One: Finding The Car

Toy Cars on CashYou’ve probably heard that a car is the second-largest purchase the typical American makes after their home, but that’s not really true. It might seem like it, since the median home price in the US was just under $190,000 last year, while a new Honda Civic starts at about one-tenth as much. When you look a little deeper, though, you’ll probably only ever own one home at a time, and when you sell it, you’ll get your money back. You might even make a profit on the sale.

Saving Your Marriage from Money

Wedding Ring on CashMy partner and I always seem to find ourselves disagreeing over money matters. It’s come to the point where we can’t argue productively. Every time we try to talk about our finances, we end up fighting. How can we make our conversations more productive?

Halloween and Budgeting

Kids Sorting Halloween CandyCan you feel it in the air? It’s almost Halloween! It’s time for costumes, ghosts, spooky movies, candy corn, and most importantly for the kids out there, it’s time for trick or treating. Sometimes, it’s easy for adults to forget just how important that one night is for our kids, at least until they get their costumes on and lose their minds with excitement. Once they’re running and giggling and hoarding their chocolate, it’s pretty clear what a big deal it is.

What School Doesn't Teach You about Money

piggy bank and booksIf your child headed off to college for the first time, it can be an exciting time. But, unlike your younger children, instead of needing you to replace their pens early in the school year, your college-aged child may be calling to ask for money.

Game Day Kickoff 2015: Lessons for Investing

football in grassIn a country full of people who sometimes disagree on a variety of fundamental issues, we can find common ground on game days; nearly 80 percent of Americans watched at least one football game last year. In fact, 45 of the 50 highest-rated television programs of 2014 were football games. We may not be able to agree on the toppings for the halftime pizza, but we can agree that we’re watching the game.

Mobile Banking – Four Ways to Stay on Top of Your Finances While on the Go

smart phone and coffee on tableMost people have a checklist they go through before they leave the house. Is the stove turned off? Are the doors locked? Do I have my wallet, my keys and my cell phone? The only thing that has changed about that process in the last few years has been the addition of that last item on the list.


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