How Can You Win at the Dealership?

close up of businessman or salesman giving car keyI’m looking for a car, but I hate haggling over the price. What can I do to get the best deal?

1.) Do your homework before you get to the lot.

Narrow your choices down so you only need to take a few test drives. Find out the typical price for comparable vehicles if you’re buying used and look up rebates and incentives for new cars. The more you know, the lower the price you’ll pay.

What Losing a Million Bucks Taught Entrepreneurs About Finance

burning benjaminsA million bucks sounds, to most people, like absolute security, because being a millionaire seems like it would put you in a strong financial position for life. If your car were to break down or you lose your job, a million dollars could solve those problems pretty easily.

With ‘Pokémon Go,’ If You Gotta Catch ‘em All, Consider the Price

person playing Pokémon GoPokémon was the hottest game in the 90’s. In Pokemon, players capture monsters, train them, and pit them against opponent’s monsters. Pokemon’s popularity was due to its simplicity and social aspect- a player could link two handheld consoles together and battle his friends.

Steps You Can Take to Fill In Your Pension Gaps

gold piggy bank on stack of moneyAfter a lifetime of hard work, many people expect to retire in some comfort and enjoy their remaining years. In some lines of work, especially public service professions like police and firefighting, the retirement package is a big part of the recruitment process.

Avoiding the ‘Catfish’ and Other Heartless Scams – Financial Safety on Dating Sites

guy on phone with hearts coming out of itMeeting new people is difficult for many adults. After college and the first few weeks on a new job, the number of people you’ll encounter as a part of your everyday life starts to drop off pretty dramatically. If you’re looking for more than just friendship, it gets even more challenging.

Financial Planning for College: How to Get the Most Out of the FAFSA

mortarboard, diploma and cashQ: My oldest child is about to begin her senior year of high school, and her younger brother is about to begin his sophomore year. We’ve already started getting letters from colleges, and I’m worried that her dreams will have a price tag we won’t be able to deal with. We’ve got some savings, but are worried it might not be enough, especially when both kids go to school. What can we do to maximize our chances of getting scholarship funds?

The Sky Isn’t Falling: Financial Repercussions of the Brexit Vote

British and EU flagsListening to financial pundits, it’s easy to think that the end of the world occurred last Thursday. The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a contentious referendum. While the implications of this decision are many and wide-ranging, there’s no need to panic.

How Can I Know If My Too-Good-To-Be-True Deal is Legitimate?

stacks of handbagsQ: I was shopping for a new handbag online and noticed a huge difference in prices between retailers. One had a bag for $20, while the other had the same for $200! The first option seems too good to be true. Should I be wary of that amazing deal?

The Troublesome Ticket: How to Spot and Avoid a Fake

Ticket Booth SignAfter months of dreaming, wishing and praying; after a five-hour car ride without air conditioning and after waiting in line for what feels like a lifetime, you’ve finally gotten into the concert experience of a lifetime. Beaming, you step forward and hand your ticket to the security guard at the entrance. You begin to stride forward, but he stops you dead in your tracks. He can’t let you into the concert because your ticket won’t scan.


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