Long-Term Planning and Your Auto Loan

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, you know that the best time is rapidly approaching. The end of the model year means car prices on current year vehicles will never be lower. That means now is your chance to grab a new car for the lowest possible price.

If you’re a savvy enough consumer to wait until dealers are desperate to sell, you owe it to yourself to wait just a little bit longer to do your research on financing options. Don’t be fooled by dealer promises of zero percent financing. Let’s take a look at four hidden costs that come with these advertised low rates.

Shoulder Surfing

man inserting card into ATMWhile you are paying for your groceries, filling out a form, or using your ATM card, another person may be “shoulder surfing” to gather your personal information. Shoulder surfing happens when a person sees and quickly memorizes your personal information to use as his or her own. It can be done by looking directly over your shoulder or from a distance with binoculars or other devices.

Shoulder surfing can be prevented with some basic precautions.

Still Not Saving? You’re Not Alone!

pink piggy bankWe like to think of ourselves as learning animals. We take our lived experiences, extract valuable lessons from them, and use that information to improve our daily lives. This is how we get better at doing things over time.

Top 7 DIY Home Improvements

Bathroom FaucetStop and take a look around your house. Are you delighted with everything in it? This is where you spend a good portion of your day, and where you and your family build happy memories. There’s no reason why it should be anything less than your dream home.

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