Three Ways to Build Your Credit History before You Graduate

Hand with Pay Bills written on itIf you keep up with financial news at all, you know your credit score is one of the most important and widely circulated bits of information about you. It determines the outcome of many of your adult life decisions. The kind of car and house you can afford, the rates you’ll pay for insurance and credit cards, and even the kinds of jobs you can get all hinge on your credit score.

Remote Deposit Applications: The Convenience of the Future, Today!

Hands taking picture of check with phoneImagine you’re talking to someone who’s been in a coma for 20 years. They see you pull a device out of your pocket or purse that is more powerful than the biggest, fanciest computers from the last time they were conscious. What’s more, it’s got a GPS, a digital camera and enough storage capacity to fit the Library of Alexandria on it hundreds of times over.

Cell Phones with No Contract: What’s The Real Deal?

Cell phone graphicQ: I want to get a new smart phone, and was offered a deal with no contract. Is this a good deal, because I can drop it at any time if I find something better, or is there a catch?

New Credit Score Rules: What You Need To Know

Hand checking off Credit Score levelCredit scores are a serious source of worry for most folks. You already know they can affect interest rates on your loans, your car insurance payments, and even your job prospects. What you may not know is that the Fair-Isaac Corporation (better known as FICO), recently changed its rules governing the formulation of credit scores.

Early Retirement Costs You Might Have Missed and How to Save For Them

Two chairs under an umbrella on the beachRetiring early is the dream. You get to spend more time with your family and enjoy your hobbies while you’re healthy enough to do so. You can say goodbye to the working world and begin your permanent vacation.

Home Depot Breach: What You Need To Know

Coupons coming out of giftHome Depot has been crashing into headlines with news of their data breach since they announced the incident on September 2nd. Amid the panic, it can be hard to figure out what exactly happened. Let’s walk through the nuts and bolts, and then look at what you need to do to keep your data safe.

E-Statements: Safer Than Paper Statements?

Computer KeyboardWith identity theft on everyone’s minds these days, it’s not hard to see why e-statements are something you might hesitate to sign up for. After all, cyberspace is kind of big and scary and full of shady characters, right?

Who knows how many people could get their hands on your credit union statement if you opt for e-statements?

Actually, probably a lot less than the number of people who could get their hands on your paper statement.

Long-Term Planning and Your Auto Loan

Finger holding keysIf you’re thinking about buying a new car, you know that the best time is rapidly approaching. The end of the model year means car prices on current year vehicles will never be lower. That means now is your chance to grab a new car for the lowest possible price.

Shoulder Surfing

man inserting card into ATMWhile you are paying for your groceries, filling out a form, or using your ATM card, another person may be “shoulder surfing” to gather your personal information. Shoulder surfing happens when a person sees and quickly memorizes your personal information to use as his or her own. It can be done by looking directly over your shoulder or from a distance with binoculars or other devices.

Shoulder surfing can be prevented with some basic precautions.

Still Not Saving? You’re Not Alone!

pink piggy bankWe like to think of ourselves as learning animals. We take our lived experiences, extract valuable lessons from them, and use that information to improve our daily lives. This is how we get better at doing things over time.


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