Overdraft Services

We offer Overdraft Protection with a Checking Account in the form of a Line Of Credit loan, transfers from your Savings Account or Overdraft Privilege.

When there are insufficient funds in the checking account to cover a purchase and overdraft protection is triggered, funds to cover the shortfall will come from available funds in the Savings Account first, and then from a Line of Credit loan (if applicable) or Overdraft Privilege second (if applicable).

Overdraft Protection

Transfers from the Savings Account will be in amounts necessary to pay checks. A maximum of six Savings Account withdrawals per month are allowed. There is no fee for this service.

Transfers from the Line Of Credit loan will be governed by the applicable loan agreement and the advances shall not exceed the maximum limit of the Line Of Credit loan.

Please refer to your Membership and Account Agreement for further information.

Overdraft Privilege/OOPs

This is a convenient and valuable service available to all checking accounts in good standing. A waiting period may apply for this service.

  • Overdrafts are automatically paid
  • Eliminates bounced and returned check charges and the fees associated with them
  • Convenient and dependable
  • Assists with unexpected bills
  • Activated by the credit union, and
  • There is no cost if you don't use it

See our Overdraft Privilege/OOPs Disclosure for more information.