Audio Response System

The Audio Response System (ARS) is a confidential process which makes obtaining information about your account faster, easier and more convenient. You may make account inquiries by simply calling:

(210) 561-4505

or (800) 531-8086

The system will answer your call and lead you through each step to obtain information about your accounts. The menu below will help you navigate through ARS. You may make your selection at any time during any of the prompts. Press "*" to return to the Main Menu.

Account Suffixes:

Savings (Shares) = 01
Liquid Asset = 03
Checking (Draft) = 80
Line of Credit = 85
Money Market = 89
Health Savings Account = 93

Main Menu

To hear account balances and transaction history, enter 1.
To perform fund transfers, enter 2.
To calculate a loan payment, enter 3.
To access special services, enter 4.
Enter 9 on any menu to receive help.
Enter 0 to transfer to a credit union representative.
To end the call, simply hang up.

Press "1" during the main menu to play the following balance and transaction history menu options:

1. Current Account Balances

  1. Savings balance
  2. Draft balance
  3. LOC balance
  4. Balance on any Savings, Loan, or Certificate
  5. Balance/payoff on all active loans

2. History of Deposits

  1. Direct deposits to Savings
  2. All deposits to Savings
  3. Direct deposits to Draft
  4. All deposits to Draft
  5. All deposits on any suffix

3. History of Withdrawals

  1. List of cleared drafts
  2. ATM withdrawals from Savings
  3. ATM withdrawals from Draft
  4. ACH withdrawals from Savings
  5. ACH withdrawals from Draft
  6. All withdrawals from any suffix

4. Dividend and Interest Totals YTD

  1. YTD dividends on Savings
  2. YTD dividends on Draft
  3. Interest paid YTD on LOC
  4. Dividends or interest on any suffix

5. List of Cleared Drafts

  1. List of cleared drafts
  2. Inquire on individual drafts

6. Balance/Payoff on All Active Loans

7. Complete Account Transaction History

Press "2" during the main menu to play the following fund transfer menu options:

  1. Transfer from Savings to Draft
  2. Transfer from Draft to Savings
  3. Advance from LOC to Draft
  4. Transfer between any two suffixes
  5. Transfer to another account

(PIN for credit account not required)

Press "3" during the main menu to play the following loan payment menu options:

  1. Calculate loan payment
  2. Calculate amount that could be borrowed
  3. Exit this action

(Press the "#" key in this menu to repeat the selection)

Press "4" during the main menu to play the following special service menu options:

  1. Change PIN
  2. Change to new account
  3. Balance/payoff on all active loans